Salt Delivery
For the best water softening in New Jersey 24/7, 365 days a year,
call Suburban Morris Water Conditioning.
The Suburban Morris Water Conditioning salt/potassium delivery program is easy, local, and carefree!

We deliver salt directly to your home or business on a regularly scheduled basis and fill your water softener tank to meet your specific need. It’s as simple as that!!

No more trips to the store. No more hassling with those messy, heavy salt bags. For your convenience, we will schedule, deliver, install, and remove empty salt bags.

As a Suburban Morris customer, your account can be placed on our computerized automatic salt delivery program. Scheduled salt deliveries will assure that the equipment is always properly maintained with the necessary amount of regeneration material.

Let Suburban Morris Water Conditioning do all the work so you can just enjoy your soft, refreshing water!